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If you’re based in the creative sector, you may be wondering what benefits a creative agency accountant can bring to the table. Thankfully, an accountant can support your endeavours in a variety of ways. They can carry out a range of financial and planning tasks on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best. They can make your business a commercially viable one and help you make savings so you don’t run out of funds. Read on to find out more about what creative agency accountants can do for you.

Help with decision-making from creative agency accountants

An experienced creative agency accountant can help you make the right business decisions, help you structure your company in a tax-efficient manner and help you plan for growth. They can give you a richer understanding of your performance in comparison to your competitors and assess any financial agreements you’re involved in before you sign them. They can also help you understand how your investments and decisions impact your profitability, cash flow and tax obligations.

Protect your prosperity

The right accountant will give you all the financial advice you need to achieve your aims and secure your long-term prosperity. They’ll help you keep financial risk to a minimum and keep you compliant with tax legislation wherever you’re doing business. They can also advise you on identifying any key performance indicators or KPIs so you can gauge how successful your endeavours are and identify areas in need of change. One of the most important KPIs is client lifetime value as it tells you how valuable each customer is to your agency so you can prioritise accordingly. KPIs can help you improve your profit margins to protect your business, do more with less and continue doing the work that you love.

A single unified system

Your accountant can also help you set up a single integrated system for your data to clear up confusion and ensure everyone is on the same page. Customer relationship management systems give you more control and visibility, ensuring deadlines are met and invoices are sent out automatically. This means you can spend less time chasing up payments and more time growing your creative agency and keeping your clients happy.

Pricing advice

Creative agency accountants can also provide you with indispensable advice on pricing so you’re never selling yourself short or overcharging for your services. Underestimating the time and resources needed to complete a project can be incredibly damaging. It’s rarely wise to undercut your competitors just to secure work that isn’t very profitable or to pluck quotes out of thin air. Your accountant can help you optimise your pricing structure so you’re not sending valuable clients elsewhere or jeopardising your financial health.

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