Case Studies

We provide a breakdown of our work with creative businesses like yours.


Who: FAMILIA is an award-winning production house specialising in creative content across advertising, music, fashion and film & doc, incorporated since 2012.

The Situation: Familia work on a variety of projects, domestically and internationally meaning they remain constantly busy. This resulted in their finances being a mundane time-consuming task and a lot of duplicated effort. Familia did not have a financial system for tracking and recording transactions and thus were not able to truly understand the profitability of their business.

AO Accountants solution: We met with the Directors and established a number of key procedures. We decided Familia were well suited to our ‘Excel’ services.

  1. We really understood Familia as a business and their current situation, we then decided a cloud platform was best to track their business transactions.
  2. We became their external finance team which allowed them to focus on delivering their projects.
  3. We set up the relevant systems and processes to ensure automation, easy handling of paperwork and the production of reports to aid key management decisions.

The Results:

    1. Familia have a fully functional accounts department that is extremely responsive
    2. The rapid growth at Familia has seen average members of staff increase 77% over 4 years
    3. Familia are now able to check the status of supplier invoices at any time to ensure there are no duplicate payments made

Familia Comments
The ever-evolving accounting system that was established by AO Accountants to service our unique needs has been hugely positive and beneficial to FAMILIA. It has offered us quick access to key information, while also optimizing efficiency in our day-to-day (job wraps and invoice processing) as well as long term financial work (VAT returns and end-of-year accounts), and therein freeing up valuable time that has been used for creative work and business development. The combination of which has seen a marked and consistent increase in both our turnover and profits, year-on-year. – Sasha Nathwani, Director,


Who: Developyn is Stourbridge’s best Web Design and Software Specialists. They provide a bespoke, responsive and professional website design tailored to your needs at an affordable price. Incorporated since 2016.

The Situation: Developyn started off as a really small local business in the Midlands and felt their previous Accountant did not provide much knowledge or advice. The Directors were looking for a firm who would nurture their business and create a finance procedure to track their business activity.

AO Accountants solution: We scheduled a phone-call with the Directors and they were on-board with the plan presented by AO Accountants. We decided Developyn were well suited to our ‘Grow’ services.

  1. We quickly established Developyn onto cloud-based accounting software.
  2. We became their external finance team which allowed them to focus on their business projects.
  3. We created a clear process for financial workflows for staff to adhere to.

The Results:

  1. Developyn now have a dedicated accounts team which operates efficiently on cloud software
  2. Members of staff now have accurate and real time information regarding their Debtors and Creditors
  3. Developyn are now making significant savings on corporation tax every year via Research and Development claims

Developyn Comments

AO Accountants have been an incredibly useful tool in allowing us to detangle ourselves from the burden of financial administration, allowing us to focus on what we do best while AO Accountants handle our payroll, expenses, bookkeeping, VAT and annual returns. Developyn would highly recommend AO Accountants to any small company looking for a straight-forward service to remove the headache of financial admin work. The entire team at AO Accountants are hard-working, fast to respond and incredibly easy to work with and integrate into your own company. – Melvyn Mathews, Director,



Who: YRS TRULY is an award-winning ethical marketing agency connecting brands in the gaming industry with new audiences. They use a combination of data, behavioural science and trend tracking to always go above and beyond. Incorporated since 2018.

The Situation: YRS approached AO Accountants as a start-up looking to take away the burden of managing the accounts and bookkeeping. With limited accounting knowledge, they were keen to seek the help from professional accountants to provide efficient and effective accounting solutions.

AO Accountants solution: We provided an online consultation with the Director and established a number of key procedures and best practices. We decided that YRS Truly were well suited to our ‘Grow’ services.

  1. Cloud-based accounting system.
  2. Simple, effective processes to help receipt management and data capture.
  3. On-hand, real-time financial and business advice.

The Results:

  1. Responsive accounting team ready to turn around responses in a quick, reliable and efficient manner
  2. Up to date, real-time information on accounts and profitability
  3. Ability to rest-assured regarding day-to-day financial processing, allowing the Director more time to manage the business

YRS Comments
AO Accountants have been with YRS TRULY from the very beginning, they even helped us set up the business. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to build an effective collaboration framework that allowed us to focus on building the business while AO Accountants take care of our finances. – MJ Widomska, Director,