Ade Omosanya and Joe Auger are the co-directors of AO Accountants. Find out more about how the company was founded and the advice they have to offer here.


Ade’s main role is to ensure AO Accountants are serviced efficiently and given relevant, accurate information to make the right management decisions. He is also focused on the strategic direction of the firm.

Ade has a BSc Degree in Accounting and Finance. He launched AO Accountants after a period of working in the telecommunications industry. AO Accountants was founded to make the most of cloud technology and ensure clients could be serviced from any location. These technological advances have enabled the company to provide real-time information to help clients make informed strategic decisions.

AO Accountants expects to become a leading provider of accountancy services to creative businesses over the coming years. Ade hopes to continue supporting SME businesses in creative spaces whilst raising funds and awareness for the company’s selected charity, MNDA.

Outside of accountancy, Ade is a skilled landscape drawer and footballer, representing London FA at junior levels and winning the Kent Invicta league with Bearsted FC at senior level in the 2015/16 season.


Joe’s primary duty is to help clients take advantage of sound financial opportunities and deliver financial insight for critical business decisions. He spends his days liaising with clients on various matters and helping them remain compliant. He aims to deliver constant customer satisfaction and is drawn to the creative industry for many reasons. These include its rapid year-on-year growth.

The creative industry has a GVA of over £100 billion a year, with AO Accountants working with clients from the world of music, film, visual effects, gaming and more. Joe loves working with driven, interesting and highly creative people, saying: “what I enjoy most about creatives is that everything is new, unique and brings a little entertainment into our lives, personally and professionally.”

Joe advises those just starting in business not to be afraid of failure. He says failures can be learned from and help creatives push forward. According to Joe, fear can “restrict” decision-making and make it harder to set goals. He says open-minded goals are needed to keep us open to pursuing new directions. He also has advice for those worried about age, which he describes as “just a number”. Joe advises those with solid skillsets to use them, regardless of their age and to push forward and to be judged by the quality of their work.

He also advises clients to invest in their people skills to ensure quality relationships and positive connections are in place. He also emphasises the importance of making the right impression, maintaining a great work ethic and developing interactions, leadership and motivation.

To find out more about how AO Accountants can support your business, get in touch today. You can reach us by completing the form on our site, by giving us a call on 020 7164 6507 or by sending a message to


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