As a creative agency, it’s important to come up with a content marketing strategy that’ll attract and engage your target audience. Standing out from the crowd in a digitally competitive world isn’t always easy. But here are some content marketing tips for creative agencies to ensure your content marketing is the best it can be.

1. Find Your Own Voice

You work in the creative sector where innovation is key. Therefore, copying or regurgitating the content of others is a massive no-no. Find your own voice instead and try your hand at creating content that reflects your business. If you offer animation, for instance, how about coming up with an animated video for social media that tells the story behind your company? You could also pop this onto your About Us page. Or go behind the scenes and interview a key member of staff. Perhaps you can create a regular feature such as Think Outside the Box Tuesday where you host a Q&A session with someone from the team. This will give people a reason to check your account regularly.

2. Show Off Your Talents

Let your talents speak for themselves. If you’re a web design company, make sure you incorporate all the latest design elements into your own site. If you’re a content agency, your blog should be highly researched, unique and of superb quality. When you’re proud of your own work, marketing becomes easier as you can simply link to content you’ve already created. This might mean popping a link to your website at the top of Twitter or putting it on the back of business cards.

3. Focus on the Right Platforms

When it comes to marketing, being on the right platforms is a must. If you’re targeting a young, energetic Gen-Z audience, then platforms such as Instagram and Tik-Tok are ideal, whereas Millennials and Boomers are still regular users of Facebook. Want to be seen as a trendsetter or on top of the latest social movements? Then joining Clubhouse could also be an option for you. But make sure you familiarise yourself with any new platforms before delving in head-first as you want to leave the right impression.

4. Create a Strategy for Each Platform

Why should someone visit your Instagram account if it’s an exact copy of Facebook? As a creative agency, exploring the unique features of each channel is a must. Instagram Reels, for instance, is perfect for video content with the Live function helping you to embrace influencer takeovers, spontaneous interviews, or pre-hyped event coverage.

Similarly, Twitter could be your place for exclusive polls and competitions. Or to regularly talk about exciting industry news. Perhaps you could set yourself apart as an innovative thought leader with longer, more in-depth articles on platforms that attract professionals and like-minded thinkers such as Medium or LinkedIn.

5. Set KPIs

You’re not marketing for the sake of it. You’re marketing to achieve specific goals. That’s why it’s essential to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Doing so will help you to think about where your business is going as well as the purpose of each marketing action. For instance, you might come up with a competition on Instagram where people have to like your post and tag someone to be in with a chance of winning. The goal could be to gain 1,000 new followers. You can then look to see if this worked and make tweaks to future campaigns if necessary.

6. Analyse Data

Chances are, you don’t have an endless budget. So to avoid wasting money, it’s essential to analyse data. Not only will this allow you to know and understand consumer demographics which will help you to create better buyer personas, but it’ll also show you when a project is working and when it’s not. As well as looking at stats such as the age and location of people who view your website, you need to look at things like the conversion rates of specific campaigns to see if they’re on target. Hopefully, you already managed to set KPIs in advance and know what your expected conversion rate should be.

7. Attend Events

Attending regular, industry-related events will help you to make a name for yourself, especially if you contribute in some way and market your attendance. You could have your own stand at an expo or contribute to a panel of speakers. You could offer to moderate a virtual event in order to get your bio on the event website. Every little helps. But make sure you find events that are a good fit for your creative company as this will hopefully lead to more realistic collaborations.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to marketing for a creative company, but it’s important to be as innovative as possible and to utilise all channels effectively.


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