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Are you a creative business owner looking to understand how to increase your prices? As an accountant specialising in supporting creative entrepreneurs, I recognise the importance that pricing strategies play in business growth. While increasing prices may seem daunting, it can be a strategic move to propel your business forward while maintaining client satisfaction and competitiveness in the market. Let’s explore expert strategies to help you raise your prices professionally and effectively.

1. Emphasise Value Proposition

When contemplating a price increase, it’s essential to convey the value your services provide. Highlight any enhancements, improvements, or additional offerings that justify the adjustment in pricing. Focus on articulating the positive outcomes and benefits clients receive from your services, reinforcing their investment in your brand.

2. Implement Gradual Increases

Avoid sticker shock by implementing gradual price increases over time for existing clients. This approach allows existing clients to adjust gradually and reduces resistance to change. Consider implementing small, incremental adjustments annually or semi-annually to ease the transition for both you and your clients.

3. Introduce Segmented Pricing

Enhance flexibility by introducing tiered pricing plans that cater to different client needs and budgets. By offering varying levels of service at different price points, you can justify price differences based on the added value of each tier. This empowers clients to choose a plan that aligns with their requirements, and allows you to remain profitable.

4. Show Appreciation with Grandfathering

Demonstrate gratitude to existing clients by grandfathering them at their current pricing for a designated period. This gesture acknowledges their loyalty while providing them with time to prepare for the eventual increase. Meanwhile, new clients can be onboarded at updated pricing, ensuring fairness and transparency.

5. Opt for Bundle Offerings

Maximise value perception by bundling services together and offering packages at slightly higher price points. Bundled offerings provide added value to clients while minimising the impact of price increases. Emphasise the benefits of bundled packages to encourage uptake and showcase the comprehensive solutions you offer.

6. Prioritise Transparent Communication

Maintain trust and understanding with clients through open and transparent communication regarding price increases. Clearly explain the reasons behind the adjustment, such as rising costs or enhanced service quality. Transparency fosters strong client relationships and mitigates resistance to price changes. Never increase your prices without having an honest conversation with your client first. 

7. Shift to Value-Based Pricing

Focus on the value your services deliver rather than solely on cost. Highlight the positive outcomes, benefits, and return on investment clients can expect by partnering with you. Emphasise how your expertise and specialised services contribute to their business success, showcasing how their return on paying for your services can benefit them, reinforcing the value proposition.

8. Enhance the Offer with Added Benefits

Sweeten the deal for clients by introducing new perks or benefits alongside price increases. Consider offering extended support hours, access to exclusive resources, a short course, or additional features to enhance their overall experience and satisfaction. Added benefits reinforce client loyalty and justify the price adjustment.


Overall increasing costs means having to increase your prices. Doing so professionally is a crucial aspect of business growth and sustainability for creative entrepreneurs. By implementing these strategies thoughtfully and communicating effectively with clients, you should be able to justify your price increases successfully. 


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