Boost Your Productivity with These Free Online Tools for Business Owners


In the fast-paced world of creative businesses, efficient communication, project management, and streamlined workflows are essential for success. As an accountancy firm specialising in assisting creative businesses, we understand the unique challenges you face. To help you enhance productivity, we’ve curated a list of free online tools that cater to various aspects of your small business. From communication and collaboration to finance and marketing, these tools can make a significant impact on your operations.


Communication and Collaboration Tools:

  • Slack: Streamlining Team Communication

    • Slack is a messaging app designed for seamless team communication, fostering collaboration and enhancing productivity within your creative business. You can also use Slack to communicate with your clients.
    • Integrated with Office 365, Microsoft Teams offers chat, video conferencing, and file sharing, ensuring a unified platform for your team’s communication needs.
  • Zoom: Virtual Meetings and Webinars

    • Zoom is the go-to solution for virtual meetings and webinars, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration among your team and clients.


Project Management Tools:

  • Asana: Organise, Track, and Manage Projects

    • Asana is an all-in-one workspace that helps your team organise work, track progress, and manage creative projects efficiently.


File Storage and Sharing Tools:

    • Google Drive provides file storage, sharing, and collaborative document editing, enabling your team to work together seamlessly.
  • Dropbox: Cloud Storage and Collaboration

    • With cloud storage and collaboration features, Dropbox ensures secure file synchronisation and sharing for your creative business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools:

    • HubSpot CRM is a comprehensive solution for managing contacts, tracking deals, and organising tasks, enhancing your client relationships.
  • Zoho CRM: Tailored CRM for Small Businesses

    • Zoho CRM offers a tailored solution for small businesses, providing a robust platform to manage customer relationships effectively.


Marketing Tools:

    • Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that empowers your creative business to engage with your audience effectively.
  • Canva: Graphic Design for Marketing Materials

    • Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool, perfect for creating visually appealing marketing materials that resonate with your audience.


Social Media Management Tools:

  • Hootsuite: Schedule and Manage Social Media Posts

    • Hootsuite allows you to schedule and manage social media posts across multiple platforms, saving time and maintaining a consistent online presence.
  • Buffer: Simplify Social Media Scheduling and Analytics

    • Buffer streamlines social media scheduling and provides analytics, helping your creative business make data-driven decisions.


Website and E-commerce Tools:

    • WordPress, a widely-used CMS, empowers your creative business to build and maintain a professional website.
    • Shopify is a robust e-commerce platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing online stores for your creative products.


Customer Support Tools:

    • Freshdesk offers a customer support platform with ticketing and self-service options, ensuring excellent customer service for your creative clientele.
  • Live Chat and Messaging for Support

    • is a live chat and messaging app designed to enhance customer support, providing real-time assistance for your creative business.


Time Management Tools:

    • RescueTime tracks time spent on applications and websites, helping your team analyse and improve productivity.
  • Toggl: Time Tracking for Work Hours and Billing

    • Toggl is a time tracking tool that allows you to monitor work hours and billable time accurately, ensuring efficient time management for your creative business.


Integrating these free online tools into your creative business’s daily operations can significantly boost productivity and streamline various aspects of your workflow. From communication and project management to finance and marketing, these tools cater to the unique needs of creative businesses. Embrace the power of technology in your creative business.

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